Kuliah Daring TPB Bahasa Inggris
Panduan | 07 Sep 2020 | oleh : Admin

Week 2: September 8, 2020

Hello, Unpad Students 2020!

Welcome to the second week of classes of TPb Bahasa Inggris or English Course. This week, learning materials are still delivered thorugh videos available online through the LiVE Unpad portal. The materials are presented by Randy Ridwansyah, M.Hum for listening skills,  Lestari Manggong, M.A. for basic concepts in English grammar, and Dr. Ari Jogaiswara Adipurwawidjana, M.A. for effective reading skills and fundamental reading strategies. They are all lecturers at English Studies Program, Universitas Padjadjaran.

The mini-test, originally planned for you to take this week to get a general idea of your baseline competence in English, will be postponed. You will have access to the test in the third meeting of the course next week. 

See you next week at http://reguler.live.unpad.ac.id

You can watch the videos, download the PPT file, and fill in the attendance list for the second week of lectures of TPB Bahasa Inggris from the available links below.